About This Project

Numerous studies have already been conducted on the mindset and behaviour of Gen Z, but never with a focus on their impact on working environment.

In this report, we describe who Gen Z are, identify their distinct behaviors and offer strategies for the hospitality industry to attract and cultivate them.

The research was conducted in the first quarter of 2017. More than 4500 students from all around the world in private and public schools across the Switzerland were invited to contribute to in-depth online surveys (+3500) and interviews, focus groups and experiments (+100) for the report.

We also talked to more than 30 lecturers and 50 hospitality industry employees, who have already experience in working with the first slice of Gen Z.

Data are collected through surveys using a standard methodology. We used random sampling to select a proportion of young people aged between 8 and 21 years, securing that the sample is representative of all in the age range.

Surveying Gen Z from a broad spectrum of demographics, we conducted interviews to collect first-hand qualitative testimony and observations. We assessed their behaviors while documenting their attitudes and aspirations, needs and wants.

Business, research, UX